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Merroir.me is an informative forum for home-cooks and seafood enthusiasts. Here you will discover the source and the handling of the many wonderful seafood products being exported from Coastal Maine to fishmongers and restaurants in Connecticut and Westchester.  

In learning from the harvesters, fishermen and sea-farmers themselves who work on Maine’s waterfront today, we hope that you will be inspired to try our deliciously inventive recipes which were contributed by cookbook authors, restaurant chefs and home-cooks alike, all featuring Maine’s shellfish and seafood.

Merroir.me is a project from the Community Shellfish Company of Bremen Maine. Community Shellfish is home to a vital stretch of working waterfront on the Musgcongus Bay just below the mouth of the Medomak River.

This project was made possible with the support of:


Maine Technology Institute 

Investing in innovation for a prosperous Maine.

Coastal Enterprises

CEI helps to grow good jobs, environmentally sustainable enterprises and shared prosperity in Maine. 

The Maine Fishermen’s Association

The Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association works to enhance the sustainability of Maine’s fisheries by advocating for the needs of community-based fishermen and the environmental restoration of the Gulf of Maine.

Community Shellfish

Community Shellfish is a dealer and processor of lobster, clams, scallops, crabs and oysters. Located in Bremen, Maine on the shores of the Medomak River. The company maintains a vital area of working waterfront, serving hundreds of harvesters and fishermen.


Recipe Authors: Barton Seaver, Togue Brawn, Melissa Clark, Nancy Harmon Jenkins, Marsden Brewer, Marnie Reed Crowell, Sandra Ripley, Melissa Bouchard, Adam Smaha, Jonathan Edgerton, Sandra Garson, Karen Watterson, Bobby Will, Matthew Brown, Luke Holden, Chenda Chamreoun, Nic Saindon, Silverton’s BBQ, Veronique Bawol, Kathy Gunst, Debbie Turner, Karen Watterson, Monique Coombs – and more to come… Great thanks to all and happy cooking to you!

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